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Sauna suit ''ADIDAS'' - NEW!!!

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Karate Gi (Kimono) ''Adidas SHORI'' - NEW!!!

Boxing bag ''Adidas PEAR'' - NEW!!!

Adidas Pear boxing bag.

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The Adidas Pear Punching Bag is top-notch product. It has been specially developed for training of clinch, kick, elbow, knee and uppercut techniques. These techniques can be optimally trained only through the shape of this pear shape punching bag.
The bag is made of 1,2mm 100% PU synthetic Nubuck Maya leather material which is just as smooth, durable and looks like real leather but tear-resistant punch bag with excellent manufacturing quality and extra tightly stitched seams. It can be easily hanged with4-point chain with swivel for stable hanging. This Pear bag is machine-filled with small textile cuttings for optimal cushioning and a scanned - electronically controlled for metal objects. Zip closing top for adjustemnts of the textile.

Thispunching bag is suitable for: kickboxing, muay thai/thai boxing, free fighting, traditional boxing and similar combat sports.

Black with white Adidas logo.

Dimensions: 48 x 60cm x 30kg

Weight: 30 kg

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